Established in 1982 Sydney Office Equipment has grown to become Australia ‘s largest independent office equipment company

When you purchase Sydney Office Equipment (S.O.E.) products, you can count on, reliable product quality, world-class, responsive, dependable service and excellent overall value.

Unlike other suppliers of OEM and compatible products, We develop and co-develop S.O.E. products in partnership with an extensive network of the Worlds finest manufactures. We design and stringently test SOE products to confidently warrant their performance.

More than a Supplier

S.O.E. is the convenient, single source for office equipment parts and supplies, across virtually all OEM machines. Backed by every SOE emplyee, we are committed to delivering industry-leading performance through:


Rigorous processes and procedures ensure the most consistent, reliable product performance possible.


To help make you more competitive, we provide excellent overall value through optimal product quality, cost savings, extensive selection and exceptional support.


We listen and work with you to best meet your needs and expectations with expert, responsive support.

Printer Supplies
Ink Jet Cartridges

  • Tested to ensure industry-leading performance and OEM-equivalent yields

  • Available in wide selection of cartridges

  • Specially formulated so that each cartridge performs for each printer application.

  • Provides consistently vibrant colour, photo quality reproduction and quick drying times

Printer Supplies
Laser Printer Cartridges

  • Tested to ensure industry-leading performance and OEM-equivalent yields.

  • Offer new-build and remanufactured cartridges for the most popular OEM models.

  • Customer formulated for each machine application to produce exellent print quality.

Sydney Office Equipment Adds Value

We continually respond to an ever-changing marketplace by constantly expanding product lines that meet evolving business needs. Consider S.O.E. your value partner; one source that offers the best selection of high-quality products, at competitive costs, backed by unequalled service and testing. Together we can help you:

  • Lower costs and increase profits
  • Instill confidence with product support and full product warranties
  • Reduce risk through unparalleled product testing
  • Deliver customer satisfaction
  • Leverage a broad prduct range
  • Provide excellent value


360° Product Qualification

Suppliers must first meet our high expectations. We qualify suppliers through a formal auditing process. We design and test products in conjunction with our suppliers.

To earn the Sydney Office Equipment Certificate, products undergo rigorous and thorough application-specific testing in all applicable models. This testing ensures that these products meet or exceed OEM baseline criteria.


  • Compatibility – forward and reverse (toners)
  • Full environmental
  • Fit / function
  • Component compatibility
  • Material properties analysis
  • In-depth electrical characteristics testing (drums)

360° Product Reliability

Sydney Office Equipment requires and conducts rigorous testing–during inital product testing and with every production lot—to ensure reliability throughout the product’s life. We verify supplier results with a Certificate of Analysis. Our formal Product Problem Resolution process guarantees that product quality is closely monitored after the sale, with immediate response and tracking of issues or conerns that may arise. 


Sydney Office Equipment (S.O.E.) certifies that all S.O.E. branded parts and consumables are laboratory tested to verify performance to be at least equal to the target equivalent product.

The company’s in-depth testing and product development processes enable S.O.E. to certify, with confidence, that S.O.E. products provide industry-leading or OEM-equivalent quality.

Virtually all S.O.E. products are functionally tested in their prescribed end item applications. This testing is conducted with other OEM and S.O.E. branded “mating” components for the expected life/yield of those products. S.O.E. product performance is compared to the performance of its OEM equivalent in a normal temperature and humidity environment. These functional comparative analysis and mating part tests are also performed in two additional extreme temperature and humidity environments when applicable (high temperature/high humidity and low temperature/low humidity). Products acceptance testing is conducted for both development prototypes and subsequent production products.