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A rental is essentially an operating lease – meaning it is an off balance sheet expense, e.g. electricity, mobile phone and the whole payment is therefore 100% tax deductible.

Sydney Office Equipment was established in 1982 and our strong growth over the years has been underpinned by ensuring that our advice to customers enables them to have the most affordable product with the lowest running costs and best product warranty.

Every machine supplied by Sydney Office Equipment has the following.

  • Machine exchange warranty while on maintenance agreement

  • Maintenance agreement offered for up to five years – at customers request.

  • Five years guarantee of spare parts supply

Our National Service program ensures our customers that every product we supply is serviced by our manufacturer trained technicians.

We do value every customer and we look forward to assisting your office, now and in the future.

Call and speak to one of our customer care team on (02) 9899-5333