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The Kobra Shredders have continuous Feed and are sophisticated, robust, and powerful – in structure and capabilities.

KOBRA is an brand. It features a wide range of products that differ in size, shape, and classifications to address different target markets. KOBRA Paper Shredders, exceptional in design and reliable in use, are preferred worldwide due to the ease-of-use, efficient shredding, and time-saving. The innate design and structural features distinguish Kobra machines from other competitive brands and make them one of the leading manufacturers of best shredder machines. Elcoman the parent company is based in Italy and renowned for design and development of office equipment, paper machines, and cutting-edge hardware solutions.

Kobra manufactures Shredders in almost all popular categories including commercial shredders, industrial shredders, office shredders, personal shredders, home shredders, and heavy duty shredders. Further, whether you are looking for a moderate security level 2 Strip Cut shredders or a high security, level 6, super micro cut unit – KOBRA has it all!

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