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Pitney Bowes Relay 7000 Folder Inserter

Pitney Bowes Relay 7000 Folder Inserter

Flexible production and security for a wide range of mailing needs.

Manufacturer: Pitney Bowes

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Relay 7000

Flexible production and security for a wide range of mailing needs.

Improve productivity without risking precision.

When producing mail in-house, you can’t afford downtime or errors. Until now, it’s been difficult to identify an ideal technological solution that delivers the reliability and speed you need. Now, you’re not only expected to get it right, but also prove it. With the Relay® 7000 inserting system, you can. Designed on a fast, reliable folding and inserting platform, the Relay 7000 help get the right contents into the right envelope, every time.

Keep your mail moving with outstanding flexibility and efficiency.

The Relay 7000 inserter enable fast, consistent production of nearly any job, regardless of flexibility. The proven reliable chassis uses a streamlined straight paper path designed to keep workflow moving. Built to maximize time and effort, the Relay 7000 also give you the flexibility to handle both letters and flats in the same job, without the need for manual changeover. Plus, you can meet demands of higher volume mailings with ease by adding up to two high-capacity sheet feeders, each with a 2,000 sheet capacity.

The Relay 7000 do the work… so you don’t have to.

With the intuitive user interface, you can set and start your mail runs in seconds. Plus, program your jobs with real names – not just numbers – to help you easily recall regular jobs. Change settings such as form letters to flats or single page letters to variable page bills with the press of a button. The simple-to-follow onscreen user guides walk you through the proper loading of paper, inserts and envelopes. With all of the guesswork eliminated, the Relay 7000 is easy enough to use for even casual operators.

  • The Relay inserters can:
  • Finish up to 5,400 envelopes per hour.
    Process up to 200,000 finished envelopes monthly.
    Suit your workflow with multiple output options.
    Meet your ergonomic needs with an optional height-adjustable table.

Your production is only as good as the accuracy it provides.

Information privacy, marketing campaigns, incoming revenue, and customer retention, all rely on superior mail accuracy when a customer opens it. The Relay 7000 includes flexible barcode scanning options such as OMR, 1D and 2D. This technology lets you accurately assemble your variable page mail, thus eliminating the need to manually sort documents by page count.

File control (file-based processing)

The Relay® 7000 goes beyond barcode scanning. Now, Pitney Bowes offers our world-class file-based processing capabilities in a mid-volume inserting system. File-based processing checks and cross-checks every page in your mailing. This gives you total visibility to each mail piece and helps prove that you’ve safeguarded the private information that your customers entrust you with.

Relay hub from the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud

It’s a powerful, simple, secure cloud solution that works with your existing print streams to add scan codes to existing documents. Providing advanced digital communication options, the Relay hub can seamlessly shift print streams used for physical mail and adapt them to digital channels. This includes email sending and archiving.

Technical Specifications

  • Throughput: 5,400 per hour
  • Montly capacity: 120,000
  • Maximum number of feeders: 8 (4 High-capacity Sheet Feeders + 4 Sheet/Insert feeders)
  • Fold Options: C, Z, Half, Double, No Fold
  • Integrity options: OMR, 1D, 2D, exit scanning, file-based processing
  • Tower sheet trays
  • Capacity per feeder: 350 sheets
  • Paper sizes: Minimum 5” (127 mm) width x 5.31” (135 mm) length; Maximum 9.84” (250 mm) width x 14” (356 mm) length
  • Paper weights: Minimum 16 lb (60 gsm) to 44 lb (175 gsm)
  • High-capacity sheet feeder (optional – up to 2 per base system)
  • Capacity per feeder: 2000 sheets (1000 per feeder tray)
  • Paper sizes: Minimum 7.99” (203 mm) width x 9.15” (232 mm) length; Maximum 8.5” (216 mm) width x 11.69” (297 mm) length
  • Paper weights: Minimum 20 lb (75 gsm) to 24 lb (90 gsm)
  • Insert feeder
  • Capacity: 350 inserts
  • Media sizes: Minimum 2.83” (72 mm) height x 5” (127 mm) length; Maximum 6” (153 mm) height x 9.84” (250 mm) length
  • Thickness, compressed: Minimum 0.003” (0.076mm) to maximum 0.1” (2.54 mm)
  • Paper weight: 16 lb. (60 gsm) to 44 lb. (175 gsm)

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